Unit – II A

Mendels Experiment (Selection of Pea Plant)

Mendel’s Work:

  • The first scientific explanation of inheritance was given by Mendel in 1866.
  • He performed series of experiments on garden pea in a scientific manner and proposed rules. which are called as Mendel’s Laws of Inheritance. His work is known as Mendelism.
  • He laid down a foundation of Genetics hence he is called Father of genetics.

Reasons for Selection of Garden Pea (Pisum Sativum L) for the experiment:

  1. Garden pea is an annual plant and completes the life cycle within three or four months. Due to this short life span, he was able to take three generations in a year.
  2. It is a small herbaceous plant that produces many seeds and so he could grow thousands of pea plants in a small plot behind the church.
  3. It is naturally self-pollinating and was available in the form of many varieties with contrasting characters. There were no intermediate characters.
  4. Flowers are large enough for easy emasculation required for artificial cross and produce fertile offspring.

Mendel's Experiment (Selection of Pea Plant)

Mendels Experiment (Selection of Pea Plant)

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