Biology II

  • Blood Circulation B2121512

    Blood Circulation B2121512

    Unit – V Lymphatic System Tissue Fluid and Lymphatic System: 10% of its fluid escape into the surrounding tissues, as blood proceeds through the capillaries and is known as tissue fluid. […]

  • Blood Circulation B2121511

    Blood Circulation B2121511

    Unit – IV B Heart Surgeries Coronary Angiography: The red arrow shows the block in the coronary artery. The green arrow shows the correction after angioplasty. Imaging is done to check the […]

  • Blood Circulation B2121510

    Blood Circulation B2121510

    Unit – IV A Heart Related Disorders Hypertension: Symptoms: A healthy adult has a blood pressure reading of about 120/80 mm Hg (120 mm Hg – systolic and 80 mm […]

  • Blood Circulation B2121509

    Blood Circulation B2121509

    Unit – III B Pattern of Circulation Our Blood moves through the body in an uninterrupted fashion: 1] Left ventricle 2] systemic circulation (body) 3] right atrium 4] right ventricle 5] […]

  • Blood Circulation B2121508

    Blood Circulation B2121508

    Unit – III A Blood Vessels Study of blood vessels is called Angiology. Blood vessels form network of blood circulating vessels starting from heart (left ventricle) arteries artioles capillaries venules veins […]

  • Blood Circulation B2121507

    Blood Circulation B2121507

    Unit – II D Blood Pressure and Its Measurement Due to the contraction of the heart and by the muscles that surround our blood vessels, Blood moves through our circulation system since […]

  • Blood Circulation B2121506

    Blood Circulation B2121506

    Unit – II C Cardiac Activity Regulation of Cardiac Activity: Normal activities of the heart are regulated in an essential or natural way, meaning it is autoregulated by specialized muscles or […]

  • Blood Circulation B2121505

    Blood Circulation B2121505

    Unit – II B Working of Heart (Cardiac Cycle) Joint Diastole: During this step, both the atria and both ventricles relax. The Right atrium then relaxes. Later, the Deoxygenated blood […]

  • Blood Circulation B2121504

    Blood Circulation B2121504

    Unit – II A Structure of Human Heart External Structure of Human Heart: Anterior View: Posterior View Sketch of Anterior View of Heart Sketch of Posterior View of Heart Structure of Heart […]

  • Blood Circulation B2121503

    Blood Circulation B2121503

    Unit – I C Blood Groups Karl Landsteiner in 1900 discovered that blood in all persons is not alike and hence clumping or agglutination occurs on mixing of blood of certain […]



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