Who is this book for: Handbook of Physics is an Ideal Book for students in FYJC, SYJC, K12, IB, JEE Aspirants & engineering students. It acts as a revision/rapid go through book for many concepts of physics.

Content: Handbook of Physics is an important book with a viewing aspect of a source with exclusive content with concepts clearly explained for all aspirants trying to crack their exams. If you trying to crack your exam at the last minute, this book is for you.Students can find that the book has coated all the ideas of Physics that students have to be compelled to understand so as to master the topic at the college level. each topic conjointly has the most and details properly and showing neatness mentioned, that the coed will bear in mind. The book has been divided into thirty-six chapters, all of that covers the necessary ideas right from measurement, Laws of Motion and Work, up to elasticity, thermodynamics, and Oscillations. The chapters are illustrated with well-designed diagrams and illustrations with examples. The book could be a handy book, which might be used as a prepared reference. It has all the physical formulae showing neatness mentioned that needed for college students in these categories. The physical consonants, too, are conferred in an exceedingly tabular kind. Students will greatly take pleasure in the information provided at the top of every chapter. On the total, the information is precise and conferred in an exceedingly kind that may facilitate students clear all types of exams. The book may be used for multiple purposes and has proved to be tremendously helpful to students. The book is often used for revisions, prepared references and as a comprehensive back-up of contents. If you trying to crack your exam at the last minute, this book is for you. It does not waste time explaining minute concepts but rather focuses on the part related and concerned with exams. The handbook of chemistry is standard among the students as a compact complete guideline. The book is simple to know for its lucid clarification and straightforward language. For this reason, this book is beneficial for students getting ready for competitive examinations like CET-BBA, JEE Main & Advanced, CS, etc. The problems for chapters are also in good quantity. We personally use this book for our students while teaching. This is precisely a last minute book so don’t expect each topic to be explained in very much detail but it as covered as an overview of topics. There is no doubt about the quality of the content provided. The number of Pages – 368.

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Topics Covered: Measurement, Vectors, Motion in a Straight Line, Projectile Motion and Circular Motion, Laws of Motion, Work, Power, and Energy, Rotational Motion, Gravitation, Elasticity, Hydrostatics, Hydrodynamics, Surface Tension, Surface Tension, Thermometry and Calorimetry, Kinetic Theory of Gases, Thermodynamics, Transmission of Heat, Oscillations, Waves and sound, Electrostatics, Current Electricity, Heating and Chemical effects of Current, Magnetic Effect of Current, Magnetism, Electromagnetic Induction, Alternating Currents, Ray Optics, Wave Optics, Electrons, Photons and X-Rays, Atomic Physics, Nuclear Physics, Electronics, Electromagnetic Waves and Communication, Universe.

Reading Quality: Reading Quality of this book is good. The text is clear and it does not strain the eyes while reading for long hours. The units & formulas are also pretty visible to the reader.

Build Quality: The book is more than good. Even though it’s a small book in size and the number of pages are 368, it’s still firm and the pages don’t come out easily. It may still defer from person to person as of how they may use it. We have no major issues with the build quality and can be easily passed to your next kin.