This book is for anyone who wants to prepare for maths very quickly!

Who is this book for: Magical book on Quicker Mathematics is one of the best books around which will help you prepare your quants for exams like Bank exam, CAT, GRE or any competitive/entrance exams.

Magical book on Quicker Mathematics
Content: Magical book on Quicker Mathematics has numerous shortcuts for many topics in maths but they haven’t described in detail why a certain shortcut is used in a particular manner. If you don’t care how it is done and just want the answer. This book is for you! The concepts are explained thoroughly and the number of examples and practice questions are endless. If you really want to top or Ace the quantitive part of any exam, the shortcuts in this book will help you a lot. There are many solved examples and each of different manner in a particular set. The number of unsolved questions at the end of each chapter is a bit less. (Around 30-50). If your basic maths is good. You can even finish this book in two days. This is one of the best books for aptitude or any given competitive exam. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or experienced person, this book will cover every individual. A very amateur might have some trouble understanding the methods at first but with time the concepts and doubts get cleared out themselves as the examples keep varying as we proceed in every chapter. Since the numbers of shortcuts are beyond counting them on your fingers, you might need practice and consistency to remember them all.

Topics Covered: Addition, Multiplication, Division, Divisibility, Squaring, Cuber, HCF/LCM, Fractions, Decimal Fractions, Elementary Algebra, Surds, Number System, Binary System, Permutation Combination, Probability, Ration & Proportion, Partnership, Percentage, Average, Problems Based on Ages, Profit & loss, Simple Interest, Compound Interest, Alligation, Time & Work, Work & Wages, Pipers & Cisterns, Time & Distance, Trains, Streams, Mensuration, Series, Data Sufficiency.Analysis, Interpretation, Trigonometry.

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Reading: Since it is a small book some text is comparatively small. The data interpretation and geometry part is somewhat bad too. Some text is not as clear is other chapters so you might have some strain in your eyes while using this book for long hours. You might need to take breaks after few hours of studying.

Build Quality:  The quality of this book is mediocre. It shouldn’t matter since the content of the books is beyond comparable. It can easily last for 2-3 years with normal wear and tear by normal usage. Occasionally the pages can come off by very rough usage, though we earlier stated the quality or binding of the book is mediocre.

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