Who is this book for: Practice Book on Quicker Maths is one of the best books to prepare for exams like Banking exams, SSC, CAT, MBA CET or any similar competitive exams.

How is this book different from Magical Book on Quicker Maths?
Magical Book on Quicker Maths is the root base for aspirants and we advise you to go through that book before jumping on to this book. This book acts as a workbook/practice book and has much larger and vast topics covered from the earlier book. This book not only acts as a revision but also describes the shortcuts used and how to use them in different circumstances.

Content: We are again stating, that there are no issues in buying & using this book directly but we insist you use “Magical Book on Quicker Maths” first. This is a Practice book/Workbook for aspirants trying to score well in the mathematics/quantitative part of any exam (If your topics fall in the below topics covered). This book will help you cover much more topics and much more shortcuts that the earlier book and with more practice, it will surely make your quants perfect. The number of solved examples are in large number than that of Magical Book on Quicker Mathematics. This book is followed and used by a large number of students community which makes it so popular. This book is completely the value for your money since the cost of the book is affordable for all. The types of questions are very similar to the ones asked in actual exams. Since the number of tricks is in large quantity in every chapter, it becomes difficult to remember each and every one of them. The illustrations are very well explained but the variation of the examples might confuse a first timer.

Topics Covered: Basic Calculation, Simplifications, Number System, HCF & LCM, Ration & Proportion, Partnership, Percentage, Average, Problems Based on Ages, Profit & Loss, Simple Interest, Compound Interest, Problems Based on Instalment, Alligation, Time & Work, Pipes & Cisterns, Time & Distance, Trains, Streams, Races & Games, Elementary Mensuration I & II, Height & Distance, Permutations & Combinations, Probability, Clocks, Calendar, Logarithm, True Discount, Banker’s Discount, Stocks & Shares & Miscellaneous.

Reading: The Reading quality of the book is good or we can say above standard. The text is pretty clear since its a big book. The fractions and geometrical figures are also seen without any strain on the eyes. Though, you might get lost in maintaining a flow while studying since there is an enormous amount of content given.  

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Build Quality:  The quality of this book is “okay”. It can get difficult handling this book for long hours in hand and you might need to place it somewhere. Some pages do come off easily if used carelessly, so you might need to handle it with care. The book might withstand some wear and tear with time.

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