Who is this book for: Quantitative Aptitude For Competitive Exams By R.S Aggarwal is an Ideal Book for various aptitude preparations of different exams. It is one of the go-to books by a Renowned Author that is recommended for preparing for aptitude tests. Exams like Bank PO, SBI-PO, IBPS, RBI Exam, MBA, CAT, IIFT, IGNOU, Hotel Management SSC Combined Preliminary Exam, Sub-Inspector of Police, CBI, CPO Exam, Railway Recruitment Board Exam, Campus Recruitment Tests.

Content in Quantitative Aptitude For Competitive Exams: This book has relevant and to the point topic for various topics from simple numbers to alligation or mixture and calendar problems. The content has been nicely divided into two sections such as Arithmetic Ability and Data Interpretation. The book is bang for the buck in terms of the sheer number of examples but more precisely the no of unsolved sums for the reader to try on his own. The book has been formatted properly to avoid possible errors as much as possible. The contents related to relevant topics have been covered in sufficient depth so as the user doesn’t feel the need to refer any external sources. Also, simple tips and tricks have also been provided wherever possible to help the user to think and crack the required question as soon as possible. The Core Concepts, as well as extra concepts needed, have been explained with an utmost simplicity that even a Plain Old kid can understand. Also, the vast number and quality problems ensure that the reader gets enough practice.

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Topics Covered: Numbers, HCF & LCM of Numbers, Decimal Fractions, Simplification, Square Roots & Cube Roots, Average, Problem on Numbers, Problem on Ages, Surds and Indices, Percentage, Profit & Loss, Ratio & Proportion, Partnership,Chain Rule,Time & Work,Pipes & Cisterns,Time & Distance,Problems on Trains,Boats and Streams, Alligation or Mixture, Simple Interest, Compound Interest, Logarithms, Area, Volume and Surface Area, Races and Games of Skill, Calendar, Clock, Stocks and Shares, Permutations and Combinations, Probability, True Discount, Bankers Discount, Heights & Distances, Odd Man Out & Series, Tabulation, Bar Graphs, Pie Charts, Line Graphs.

Reading Quality: Since the Book contains a lot of content font size can be sometimes a bit of trouble but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t comfortable to read.

Build Quality: The Build Quality is Very Good for the price they are selling it. It is a Must have and will last for years.

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Quantitative Aptitude For Competitive Exams