Topics in Chemical Equilibrium

Chemical Equilibrium C1106001

Chemical Reactions and Their Types, Types of Reactions, Depending upon the phase of Reactants and Products, Depending upon the evolution or absorption of heat, Exothermic Reaction, Endothermic Reaction.

Chemical Equilibrium C1106002

Types of Chemical Reactions (Contd.), Depending upon the direction of the reaction, Reversible Reaction, Irreversible Reaction & Characteristics.

Chemical Equilibrium C1106003

Physical Equilibrium, Characteristics of Vapour Pressure, Types of Physical Equilibrium, Solid – Liquid Equilibrium, Liquid – Vapour Equilibrium, Solid – Gas (Vapours) Equilibrium, Other Examples of Physical Equilibria, Dissolution of solids in liquids.

Chemical Equilibrium C1106004

Dissolution of Gases in Liquids, Henry’s Law, Effect Of Increase in Temperature on Solubility of Gas (Carbon dioxide) in Liquid (Water), Effect Of Increase in Temperature on Solubility of Solid in Liquid, Characteristics of Physical Equilibrium.