Unit – I C

Relation Between Mole Fraction, Molality & Molarity

The relation between mole fraction and molality:

  • The mole fraction of any component of a solution is defined as the ratio of the number of moles of that component present in the solution to the total number of moles of all components of the solution.
  • Let us consider a binary solution components solvent (A) and solute (B)

Molarity of Dilution:

Molarity of Mixing:

Relation Between Molarity and Molality:

Density of a solution is in g/mL

Relation Between Molarity and Mole Fraction:

Mole Fraction, Molality & Molarity

Relation Between Normality and Molarity:

Density of a solution is in g/mL and x is the percentage of solute by mass

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