Units covered in Circular Motion Physics

P11201001 Unit – I A Introduction and Terminology

P11201002 Unit – I B Derivations of Relations

P11201003 Unit – I C Formulae and Conversions

P11201004 Unit – I D Problems

P11201005 Unit – II A Concept of Uniform Circular Motion

P11201006 Unit – II B Centripetal Acceleration

P11201007 Unit – II C Centripetal Force

P11201008 Unit – II D Centrifugal Force

P11201009 Unit – II E Problems

P11201010 Unit – III A Banking of a Road

P11201011 Unit – III B Overturning of Vehicle

P11201012 Unit – III C Problems

P11201013 Unit – IV A Conical Pendulum

P11201014 Unit – IV B Problems

P11201015 Unit – V A Motion in a Vertical Circle – 01

P11201016 Unit – V B Motion in a Vertical Circle – 02