Topics in Electrons and Photons

Electrons and Photos P21217001 UNIT – I

Photo Electric Effect & its terms, Characteristics, Effect of frequency of incident light on photoelectric effect, Concept of threshold frequency and threshold wavelength, Effect of intensity of incident light on the photoelectric effect, Effect of potential difference between the emitter and collector on photoelectric effect, Concept of saturation current, Concept of stopping potential, Why the photoelectric effect is an instantaneous phenomenon, Why alkali metals are the most suitable material for making photosensitive surfaces.

Electrons and Photos P21217002 UNIT – II

Planck’s quantum theory, Characteristics of photon | Particle nature of electromagnetic radiations, Einstein’s photoelectric equation, Concept of photoelectric work function, Einstein’s photoelectric equation & terms involved in it, Existence of threshold frequency on the basis of Einstein’s photoelectric equation, Effect of intensity on the photoelectric effect on the basis of Einstein’s photoelectric equation, Why the maximum K.E. of the photo-electron increases with increase in the frequency of incident light, Why Photo-electric effect is an instantaneous process.

Electrons and Photos P21217003 UNIT – III

Applications of Photoelectric Effect, Construction & Working of Photovoltaic Cell, Applications of a photoelectric cell, Photoelectric cell in sound reproduction from the motion picture, Photoelectric cell in a burglar alarm, a Photoelectric cell in exposure meter.