Physics I

  • Elasticity P11205004

    Elasticity P11205004

    Consider a wire of length ‘L’ and area of cross-section ‘A’ be fixed at one end and stretched by suspending a load ‘M’ from the other end. The extension in […]

  • Elasticity P11205003

    Elasticity P11205003

    Volumetric stress: When the deforming forces are such that there is a change in the volume of the body, then the stress produced in the body is called volume stress. […]

  • Elasticity P11205002

    Elasticity P11205002

    Study of Elastic behavior: Searle’s Experiment: Two identical wires A and B are suspended from a rigid support so that the points of suspension are very close to each other. […]

  • Elasticity P11205001

    Elasticity P11205001

    Elasticity: The property by virtue of which material bodies regain their original dimensions (size, shape or both) after removal of deforming force is called elasticity. e.g. Rubber, Steel, Aluminum, Sponge […]

  • Surface Tension P1206002

    Surface Tension P1206002

    Angle of Contact: When the liquid is in contact with solid, the angle between the solid surface and the tangent to the free surface of liquid at the point of […]

  • Surface Tension P1206001

    Surface Tension P1206001

    Introduction: Between any two molecules, there exists a force of attraction. This force is called the intermolecular force. The attractive force between the two molecules of the same substance is […]

  • Scalars and Vectors P11103001

    Scalars and Vectors P11103001

    Unit – I A Introduction: Introduction to scalars and vectors Scalars: The physical quantities which have magnitude only and which can be specified by a number and unit only are called […]

  • Gravitation P11202010

    Gravitation P11202010

    Unit – III C The concept of Gravitational Potential: The gravitational potential at a point is defined as the work done in bringing the unit mass from infinity to that point without […]

  • Gravitation P11202009

    Gravitation P11202009

    Unit – III B The concept of Gravitational Intensity: Gravitational Field: Material particle, when placed in a space, modifies the space around it. This modified space is called the gravitational field. When […]

  • Gravitation P11202008

    Gravitation P11202008

    Unit – III A Concept of Inertial Mass and Gravitational Mass Inertial Mass Concept: The inertial mass of a body is related to its inertia in linear motion. Let a body […]



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