Physics I

  • Gravitation P11202007

    Gravitation P11202007

    Unit – II E Problems on Variation in Acceleration Due to Gravity: Problems A mass of 5 kg is weighed on a balance at the top of a tower 20 m […]

  • Gravitation P11202006

    Gravitation P11202006

    Unit – II D Problems on Acceleration Due to Gravity: Formulae: Acceleration due to gravity on the surface of the earth / Planet is  Relation between acceleration due to gravity and […]

  • Gravitation P11202005

    Gravitation P11202005

    Unit – II C Effect of Altitude and Depth on Acceleration Due to Gravity: Variation of ‘g’ due to Altitude ‘h’: The acceleration due to gravity on the surface of the […]

  • Gravitation P11202004

    Gravitation P11202004

    Unit – II B Effect of Shape of Earth and Latitude of a Place on Acceleration Due to Gravity: Variation of ‘g’ due to shape of the earth Variation of acceleration due to […]

  • Gravitation P11202003

    Gravitation P11202003

    Unit – II A Concept of Acceleration Due To Gravity: When a body is released from a height, it gets accelerated towards the earth with constant acceleration, this constant acceleration is […]

  • Gravitation P11202002

    Gravitation P11202002

    Unit – I B Newton’s Law of Gravitation Problems: Formulae Calculate the force of attraction between two metal spheres each of mass 90 kg, if the distance between their centres is […]

  • Gravitation P11202001

    Gravitation P11202001

    Unit – I A Newton’s Law of Gravitation: Statement: Every particle of matter in the universe attracts every other particle of matter with a force which is directly proportional to […]

  • Circular Motion P11201017

    Circular Motion P11201017

    Unit – VC Problems Motion in Vertical Circle: Formulae A stone weighing 1 kg is whirled in a vertical circle at the end of a rope of length 0.5 m. […]

  • Circular Motion P11201016

    Circular Motion P11201016

    Unit – V B Motion in Vertical Circle: Velocity of a body at Different Positions: The velocity of a body moving in a vertical circle is given by Minimum Velocity […]

  • Circular Motion P11201015

    Circular Motion P11201015

    Unit – V A Motion in Vertical Circle: Consider a small body of mass ‘m’ attached to one end of a string and whirled in a vertical circle of radius […]



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