Physics I

  • Circular Motion P11201014

    Circular Motion P11201014

    Unit – IV B Problems on Conical Pendulum: Formulae A cord 5.0 m long is fixed at one end and to its their end is attached a weight which describes a horizontal […]

  • Circular Motion P11201013

    Circular Motion P11201013

    Unit – IV A The concept of Conical Pendulum: A conical pendulum consists of a bob of mass ‘m’ revolving in a horizontal circle with constant speed ‘v’ at the end […]

  • Circular Motion P11201012

    Circular Motion P11201012

    Unit – III C Problems Banking of a Road: Formulae Conversions A coin kept on a horizontal rotating disc has its centre at a distance of 0.1 m from the axis of […]

  • Circular Motion P11201011

    Circular Motion P11201011

    Unit – III B Overturning of Vehicle: When a vehicle moves along a curved path with very high speed, then there is a chance of overturning of the vehicle. Inner wheel leaves […]

  • Circular Motion P11201010

    Circular Motion P11201010

    Unit – III A Banking of Road: Safe Velocity of a Vehicle on an Unbanked Road: When a vehicle moves along a horizontal unbanked curved road, necessary centripetal force is supplied by […]

  • Circular Motion P11201009

    Circular Motion P11201009

    Unit – II E Problems in Circular Motion: Different systems and corresponding agencies providing centripetal forces. Formulae Conversions To simulate the acceleration of high speed fighter plane, astronauts are spun at the […]

  • Circular Motion P11201008

    Circular Motion P11201008

    Unit – II D Concept of Centrifugal Force: Explanation : The magnitude of the centrifugal force is the same as centripetal force, but the direction is along the radius and directed away […]

  • Circular Motion P11201007

    Circular Motion P11201007

    Unit – II C Concept of Centripetal Force: It is a force acting on a particle performing circular motion, which is acting along radius of a circle and directed towards the centre of […]

  • Circular Motion P11201006

    Circular Motion P11201006

    Unit – II B Centripetal Acceleration: Expression for Centripetal Acceleration (Geometric Method): The linear velocity of the particle performing uniform circular motion is a vector quantity being always tangential to the circular […]

  • Circular Motion P11201005

    Circular Motion P11201005

    Unit – II A Concept of Uniform Circular Motion: Uniform Circular Motion: The motion of a particle along the circumference of a circle with a constant speed is called uniform circular […]



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