Physics I

  • Circular Motion P11201004

    Circular Motion P11201004

    Unit – I D Circular Motion Problems Calculate the angular speed of the second hand, minute hand and hour hand of a clock. What is the angular velocity of the minute […]

  • Circular Motion P11201003

    Circular Motion P11201003

    Unit – I C Circular Motion Formulae and Conversions Formulae Conversions Back                    Next Topic The linear velocity of the particle performing uniform circular […]

  • Circular Motion P11201002

    Circular Motion P11201002

    Unit – I B Derivations of Relations Derivation of Relation Between Linear Velocity and Angular Velocity: Consider a particle performing uniform circular motion, along a circumference of circle of radius ‘r’ […]

  • Circular Motion P11201001

    Circular Motion P11201001

    Unit – I A Introduction to Circular Motion: Circular Motion: The motion of a particle along the circumference of a circle is called as circular motion. Examples: The motion of the […]

  • Units and Measurements P11102006

    Units and Measurements P11102006

    Unit – II A Dimensions of Physical Quantities: The power to which fundamental units are raised in order to obtain the unit of physical quantity is called the dimensions of that […]

  • Units and Measurements P11102005

    Units and Measurements P11102005

    Unit – I E Numerical Problems on System of Units: Numerical Problems Use standard prefixes used in S.I. system to express following quantities a) 106 phones b) 10-6 phones c) 1012 […]

  • Units and Measurements P11102003

    Units and Measurements P11102003

    Unit – I C Definitions of Fundamental Units in S. I. System: 1 metre: The unit of length is a metre. The distance travelled by electromagnetic waves in the vacuum in […]

  • Units and Measurements P11102002

    Units and Measurements P11102002

    Unit – I B System of Units – Units and Measurements A system of units is collection of units in which certain units are chosen as fundamental and all other are derived […]

  • Units and Measurements P11102001

    Units and Measurements P11102001

    Unit – I A Measurement and its Need in Physics: A measurement is a quantitative description of one or more fundamental properties compared to a standard. The measurement of a […]

  • Introduction to Physics P11101001

    Unit – IA Physics and its Scope: Science word is derived from latin word ‘Scientia’ which means ‘to know’. Science has many disciplines, Physics being one of them. The word […]



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