Topics in Semiconductors

Semiconductors P21219001

Introduction, Classification, Energy Bands in Solids, Explanation of Conductors on the Basis of Band Theory, Explanation of Insulators on the Basis of Band Theory, Explanation of Semiconductors on the Basis of Band Theory, Types of Semiconductors, Characteristics.

Semiconductors P21219002

P-N Junction, Depletion Layer, and Barrier Potential, Forward & Reverse Biasing, Representation, Use of P-N Junction as Full Wave Rectifier

Semiconductors P21219003

SI Characteristics, Zener Diode, Use of Zener Diode as Voltage Regulator, Photodiode, Solar Cell, Light Emitting Diode, Advantages of LED

Semiconductors P21219004

Transistors, Action of PNP & NPN Transistor, Study of Transistor Characteristics, Use of Transistor as Amplifier, Use of Transistor as a Switch, Transistor Oscillator

Semiconductors P21219005

Digital Electronics and Logic Circuit, Terminology of Logic Circuit, Logic Gates AND OR etc…, Integrated Circuits