Topics in Solid State:

C11201001 – Unit I A States of Matter
C11201002 – Unit I B Classification of Solids
C11201003 – Unit I C Terminology and Explanations
C11201004 – Unit II A Classification of Crystalline Solids
C11201005 – Unit II B Classification of Crystalline Solids
C11201006 – Unit II C Classification of Crystalline Solids
C11201007 – Unit III A Bravais Lattice Structures
C11201008 – Unit III B Bravais Lattice
C11201009 – Unit IV A Number of Particles in Unit Cell
C11201010 – Unit IV B Density and Packing Efficiency of Unit Cell
C11201011 – Unit IV C Packing Efficiency of Unit Cell (Contd.)
C11201012 – Unit V A Problems 
C11201013 – Unit VI A Packing in Solids (One and Two Dimensional)
C11201014 – Unit VI B Packing in Solids (Three Dimensional)
C11201015 – Unit VI C Characteristics
C11201016 – Unit VII A Packing in Ionic Solids
C11201017 – Unit VII B Problems
C11201018 – Unit VIII Radius of Interstitial Voids
C11201019 – Unit IX A Defects in Crystal Structure
C11201020 – Unit IX B Defects in Crystal Structure (Contd.)
C11201021 – Unit  X A Electrical Properties of Solids
C11201022 – Unit  X B Semiconductors
C11201023 – Unit  XI Magnetic Properties of Solids

Solid State