Topics Covered in Solutions and Colligative Properties

C11202001 Unit I A Solutions and its Types

C11202002 Unit  I B Concentration of Solution

C11202003 Unit  I C Relation Between Mole Fraction, Molality & Molarity

C11202004 Unit  I D Problems

C11202005 Unit  II A Solutions of Solids and Liquids in Liquids

C11202006 Unit  II B Solubility of Solids in Liquids

C11202007 Unit  II C Solubility of Gases in Liquids

C11202008 Unit  II D Solubility of Gases in Liquids

C11202009 Unit  III A-01 Lowering of Vapour Pressure

C11202010 Unit  III A-02 Raoult’s Law

C11202011 Unit  III B Problems

C11202012 Unit  III C-01 Ideal solutions

C11202013 Unit  III C-02 Non-Ideal solutions

C11202014 Unit  IV A Elevation of Boiling Point

C11202015 Unit  IV B Depression of Freezing Point

C11202016 Unit  IV C Problems

C11202017 Unit  V A Osmosis and Osmatic Pressure

C11202018 Unit  V B Laws of Osmatic Pressure