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  • Semiconductors P21219003

    Semiconductors P21219003

    Unit – II Circuit Diagram: Voltage across the diode can be varied with the rheostat. The milliammeter or the micro-ammeter measures the current. Forward Bias: a) In forward bias, the emf of the battery and the p.d. across the depletion region oppose each other which reduces the depletion barrier p.d. and decrease in its width. The electrons flow from N-type to […]

  • Semiconductors P21219001

    Semiconductors P21219001

    Unit – I A Introduction to Semiconductors 1. The word electronics is coined from the words electron mechanics. 2. The subject of electronics deals with the study of devices in which specific current ( I ) versus voltage ( V) relationship is obtained by controlling the production of electrons, their numbers, and their conduction. Such relationships are different from the one obeyed […]





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