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  • Electrons and Photos P21217003

    Electrons and Photos P21217003

    Unit – III Applications of Photoelectric Effect Construction & Working of Photovoltaic Cell Photo-electric cell or photo cell is an electronic device which works on the principle of photoelectric effect and […]

  • Electrons and Photos P21217002

    Electrons and Photos P21217002

    Unit – II Explanation of Photoelectric Effect Planck’s quantum theory 1. The quantum theory was proposed by Max Planck. 2. According to this theory, radiation from a source is not emitted […]

  • Electrons and Photos P21217001

    Electrons and Photos P21217001

    Unit – I Photo Electric Effect Photoelectric effect: The phenomenon of emission of electrons by a certain metal surface when radiation of suitable frequency is incident on it is called photoelectric […]

  • Communication System P21210003

    Communication System P21210003

     Unit – III The need of Modulation in Communication System: 1. The purpose of a communication system is to transmit information or message signals. Message signals are also called baseband signals, […]

  • Communication System P21210002

    Communication System P21210002

     Unit – II Earth’s Atmosphere: Earth is surrounded by an envelope of gases called the atmosphere. The atmosphere plays an important role in the transmission of electromagnetic waves. The earth’s atmosphere […]

  • Communication System P21210001

    Communication System P21210001

    Unit – I Communication: Communication is the process of exchange of information between two entities. It involves sending, receiving and processing of information. Communications System: The communication system is a device […]

  • Semiconductors P21219005

    Semiconductors P21219005

    Unit – IV Digital Electronics and Logic Circuit: 1. George Boole, a mathematician, developed Boolean algebra based on the science of logic. In 1938, a scientist called Shenon developed electrical circuits […]

  • Semiconductors P21219004

    Semiconductors P21219004

    Unit – III Transistors: 1. Transistor consists of three layers made up of p and n-type semiconductors. The transistor is an arrangement obtained by growing a narrow section of one type […]

  • Semiconductors P21219003

    Semiconductors P21219003

    Unit – II Circuit Diagram: Voltage across the diode can be varied with the rheostat. The milliammeter or the micro-ammeter measures the current. Forward Bias: a) In forward bias, the emf […]

  • Semiconductors P21219002

    Semiconductors P21219002

    Unit – I B PN Junction: 1. When a crystal of semiconductor is doped such that half the portion of the crystal is doped with a trivalent impurity and other half […]



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